Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unleashed Pixel Dungeon version 1

I have been meaning to learn Java better for quite some time now, which has led me to my latest project over the last month and a half: Unleashed Pixel Dungeon.

I am very excited about contributing to this Open-Source project.  Basically, this is a Roguelike game where you control a single adventurer and explore a randomly generated dungeon, with a lot of the content randomly generated (scroll names, potion colors, etc...) in order to keep the game fresh and exciting.  Food is generally scarce, and you will probably die a lot.  But, if you are smart you can discover strategies to survive; each obstacle is a puzzle to be solved.

Unleashed is based on the wonderful Pixel Dungeon and Shattered Pixel Dungeon variants.  I am hoping to spend a few posts talking about the specifics, but here is my current change log for the first version:

DSM-0000   Moved code into the Android Studio directory structure
DSM-0001   Fixes needed to get code to compile
DSM-0002   Place Unleashed stamp on the game

DSM-0010   Increase dungeon level size to 40x38
DSM-0011   Reduce Hunger impact
DSM-0012   Item drops in High-Grass
DSM-0013   Improved drops in Crypts and Treasuries
DSM-0014   Adjust drop tables

DSM-0020   Add five new dungeon levels
DSM-0021   New Mobs - Slimes/Assassins
DSM-0022   Level-up Buffs
DSM-0023   Max Hero Level is now 35 - effects mobs max levels
DSM-0024   Exp to Level tweaks to hit level 30 by depth 30
DSM-0025   Level to Power tweaks to make mobs more balanced
DSM-0026   new BURNT level type

DSM-0030   Save/Load Screens
DSM-0031   Allow saves only at Level Entrance Signs

DSM-0040   Item Level Caps
DSM-0041   Chance of Upgrade Failure
DSM-0042   Artifact Weapons
DSM-0043   Glowing Weapons
DSM-0044   Allow enchanted weapons to be upgraded
DSM-0045   Armor Glyph descriptions
DSM-0046   Auto Aim with Staff/Thrown Weapons
DSM-0047   Better MageStaff imbuing

DSM-0050   Altar Dungeon Feature
DSM-0051   Altar Room
DSM-0052   Altar Donations on drop
DSM-0053   Archway Dungeon Feature
DSM-0054   Prison Room - locked with bones
DSM-0055   Make the "SECRETS" level feeling less common

talk to you soon,
David Mitchell


  1. Very nice version. Hope to see more from you.

  2. Great game,but with last version when I load position main weapon disapears and without weapon is all progres useless

  3. Can't dance constant error. I think the latest android changed file access permissions.